Our method

Project methodology

Think big. Start small. Scale.

Where do we begin?

It all starts with a deep functional analysis.

How do you currently operate? Let’s map it together.

What are the challenges with your current value stream? Let’s document them together.

How do you currently deal with those challenges? Let’s capture the existing knowledge and practices together.

What would you improve? Let’s map the ideal state together.

How would you do it? Let us help you identify the steps to get there and the right solution for your needs.

Choosing the right tools for the job

Once we have the end goal in mind, it’s time to specify the solution.

In the Industrial IoT landscape, there are hundreds of hardware platforms, software frameworks, connectors, databases, algorithms and programming languages available with similar functionalities.

Each company comes with its history, its assets and its needs.

Our job is to capture them and help you choose the right stack.

This will ensure a full interoperability between the systems on the long run and the ability to reach your goals.


The application has to be implemented on a platform able to interface with your existing systems at all levels of the stack. This platform should also be extensible to implement new functions.

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